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Italian photographer Paolo Proserpio grew up in north of Italy. He spends a lot of time traveling and living abroad attracted by cultures and people.
He loves cultural anthropology and to understand more details of the societies  from the point of view of the subject of the research. 

Now is living between Nicaragua and Italy developing social sustainable projects with wood and cotton, here and there, and keeping accepting photography assignments. During the free time he studies social sciences.

He worked with Roma people as a social worker. During this period Paolo drastically improved his communication skills and somehow his anthropological approach with different cultures.

I’m now available for assignments in Central and South America. Hope you love my work as much as I do! Enjoy your stay.

Servicio profesional especializado en fotografía, vídeo documental, corporativo, acciones de comunicación y visibilidad en toda Nicaragua y Centro America para:

  • Organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG)
  • Organismos de cooperación internacional
  • Organizaciones de la sociedad civil
  • Agencias de desarrollo

y tambien:

  • Universidades
  • Instituciones publicas y Bancos
  • Fundaciones y Asociaciones
  • Empresas y Cooperativas
  • Instituciones de microfinanzas

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