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How to Make Mango Ice Cream at Home

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Ice Smile

Here, from Nicaragua, I’m introducing an ice cream with mango fruit. Mango ice cream can be easily made in home, I made it yesterday first of May. So, let’s starts to make mango ice cream again:

Recipe (successfully tested by me)

  • Ripened Mango pulps – 1 cup
  • Sugar powder – 2 cup
  • Cream – 1 cup
  • Milk – ½ cup
  • Cashunut -1/4 cup (if you want)

First take a bowl and clean it. Then, pour the mango pulp into the bowl. Using the hands to squeeze make it much easier and safer than using a knife. Also add the sugar powder (or normal sugar) into the mango pulp and mix it well up to 5-10 minutes. For easiness we can call it as Mixture -1.

By using an electric Mixer, mix the cream and milk well. It must be mixed well because it will affect the preparing item. So, we use a mixer for getting good mixture. This mixture is called Mixture-2.

Add mixture-1 into mixture-2 and mix it well up to 5 minutes. Mixing can be done either by using hand or an electric mixer. We can call it as mixture-3.

Mixture-3 is transferred into a plastic bowl and insert into freezer for cooling process. Freezing depends on the refrigerator used. Once it is frizzed, remove it and then break the ice. Then by using electric mixer mix it well.

Again transfer it into the plastic bowl and allowed to cooling process. Repeat this procedure 2 times as you think the result it’s fine for you. After done this you just transfer the mango ice cream into a glass and sprinkle cashunut above the mango ice cream and then serve it.