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Nicaragua by Aerial Photography

Nicaragua by Aerial Photography project over nicaraguan’s East cost flying 3000 feet high from from Puerto Cabeza (Bilwi*) to Bluefields. Below the selection of the best pictures.

The 4 ways are to get from Puerto Cabeza to Bluefields :

  1. By airplane, you need too book wherever exist an airport or a travel agency. in 2012 the cost was about 103 USD (one way).
  2. By cargo boat, it’s a cargo boat and it departs from Puerto Cabeza to Bluefields when the boat if full of goods. Usually one day a month it leaves but it’s not sure when exactly. Probably if you find the way to get the direct contact of the captain (I dont have) he will tell you for sure.
  3. By private speed boats, sometimes, there are speed boats called lancias that bring lobster divers with decompression sickness from Corn Island to Puerto Cabeza where is the only decompression chamber of the Atlantic coast, maybe you can be lucky and get one. I don’t know how much they will charge you.
  4. By road, you come back to Managua and you go to Bluefields.


* Bilwi is the name in Miskito language

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